Energy Shift Update: September 27, 2015

Energy Shift Update September 27, 2015

Sunday’s Super Moon! 


Energy Shift Update

Hello Fellow Energy Shift Riders! I have so much to share with you regarding this

Deanna Gloyd

latest energy shift. These times are definitely exciting and I find myself running to catch up with all the shifts and changes, and then I remind myself to breath and allow the change to happen instead of trying to force it or control it. One thing is for sure – fighting it or attempting to control it requires vastly more energy then relaxing and allowing yourself to flow with it.

What does it mean to relax and flow with it? Well for this shift it means being okay with not being okay, or becoming more comfortable in let letting go of the old patterns of beliefs and actions that led you to where you find yourself now. In other words getting out of your comfortably uncomfortable comfort zone and moving forward to embrace a new and wonderful level of life!

If you are ready to embrace this shift and move yourself to the next level – then keep reading. This shift is for those who are totally and completely ready to let go and take the leap of faith, and take action.

So what are the steps simply put:

  1. Define what the belief is that has been holding you back in your life. Earlier this week I worked with a client who believed that others were putting curses on his business and this kept his business from flourishing. He also believed that all his hard work was an endless cycle: he would only reap fatigue and pain as the fruit to his labor. This belief, and him allowing it into his mind to permeate his thoughts, resulted in an energy that was a self fulfilling prophesy. After our session he was able to realize the belief and immediately released it embracing a new and wonderful perspective. He has already seen a turn around in his business perspective and the results of his labor for this week.
  2. Recognize that your perceptions are just that perceptions. I worked with a woman this week who believed that it was her duty to hold the family together in a time of extreme upset. She believed that no matter what she needed to hold the space for her family to be able to weather the “storm” and heal from the situation once it was resolved. She believed that if she held the space the situation would resolve itself quickly and the family would be restored. What she did not recognize is that the situation was causing her extreme fatigue, and that it took all members of the family to hold the space, express desire, and work toward a resolution. After our session she was able to recognize and let go of old patterning, she was able to relax, release the fatigue, and allow the family interaction to take its course.
  3. Get out of judgment! Also known as stop beating yourself up! Take Action! Allowing yourself to be in the flow means taking action. I know that sounds a little weird ~ how can you flow and take action at the same time? Imagine yourself in a swiftly moving stream of water while holding onto the edge of the riverbank. While your grip is tight on the bank of the river, the rest of your body is caught in the current of the water banging against the rocks and whatever else flows by. Although it is painful you continue to hold onto the edge remaining stuck in the old patterns, and beating yourself up all the while because you are experiencing pain. The flow of life requires that you take action, that you allow yourself to flow with it, LET GO ~ that is to say allowing yourself the opportunity to fully experience life! It only happens when you flow with it! If you misstep do not worry, life will create more flow.

If you are feeling the shift and are ready to move forward click here to experience an energy shift clearing that is designed to help you get moving forward more quickly by removing energetic blocks and expanding your consciousness.

Much love and hugs during this time of great transformation!


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