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Energy Shift Update: September 29, 2015

Energy Shift Update September 29, 2015

Super Moon Surf! 


Energy Shift Update: The Super Moon Surf!

As they say “Surf’s Up!” and it is time to ride the waves while the weather is good and the energy waves are too! We have twelve days to enjoy this latest energy adjustment.

If you have noticed that your mind has been dwelling on issues from the past that you thought you had put behind you, and are wondering why they have resurfaced ~ that is because the time is now for the final flush of this layer of discordant energy that you have been working on in your life. It is time to let the past be in the past, and to lay to rest old issues and old lessons.

For those who have been on the past of ascension and elevating consciousness – this is your time to ride the wave to the high road. Claim the peace. Claim the joy. Move toward greater things.

Other signs and symptoms of this latest shift:

Major sinus issues and infections. This is a detoxification process. Old allergies are resurfacing and past and shifting your DNA, Chromosome, and trailers to be more aligned with the new energy that is being pored into this earth. An energy shift can be facilitated easily and within about 30 minutes to provide release and relief during this process. Click here to schedule right away as I will be working on a special project next week and only have a few spaces left for this week.

Testimonial on Sinus issues:  “Last night I could not lay down without coughing uncontrollably or blowing my nose to the point it was raw. All my normal things that I do were not working. So I contacted Deann this morning to see if she would reset my energy grid. Within in the 30 minutes that we were on the phone and her working on my energy grid my coughing stopped, and me blowing my nose was chopped to a minimal. A huge difference between when I talked to her and before her call. I feel like I am now going to live.” Sharon Taylor, Dallas, TX.

Loss of jobs. Trust in the Universe that is shifting you in a new direction and it will not leave you stranded. In order to make this leap of faith happen focus on what is being placed in front of you – right in front of you. There is something happening for your highest and best good right now. If it is painful close your eyes, take a breath, and ask SPIRIT / God / Source to help you see the golden path that has been laid before you. The silent prayers that you have been putting out there are manifesting you path right before you.

Dizziness or feeling of unsteadiness. The energy shifts are designed to add more concordant energy related to ascension and higher level vibrations. Highly sensitive people will be able to feel this energy shift more acutely than others. Body aches and pains, dizziness, vomiting, feelings of heaviness or being more aware of your body mass are common. A short 30 minute shift of your energy vibration is highly recommended to more quickly assimilate the new energies. Click here to book right away as available appointment times are quickly filling up for the week.

Here is to greater things to come!


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  1. I totally did have something come up today that I haven’t thought of for years and didn’t even realize there was something to let go.

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