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Special Energy Shift Clearing Sunday October 25, 2015

Energy Shift Update: Here is your chance!

Group Energy Clearing! 


Energy Shift Update: Lunar Special Group Clearing Invitation is happening this Sunday, October 25, 2015 at 10:00 AM Mountain time, and again at 3:00 PM via phone! To register for one of the times scroll down on this page and click on the “buy now” button below. Be sure to select the time you will be attending. You may choose to attend both sessions, be sure to register for both.

What is happening right now?

The energy shifts are preparing us to go into winter a clean heart and a clear purpose. The autumn months are generally a time for slowing down and preparing for a respite, but you may have noticed a huge desire to clean and clear out old clutter. Take the hint and lighten your load now! This winter will be at time for deep contemplation and major shift toward self fulfillment and self purpose. There will be endings of relationships of all kinds of things as this planet shifts and prepares itself to enter the higher vibration that will happen in March 2016. Like all things that shift in ease and grace the energies that are being downloaded now in subtle gentle shifts. Allow yourself to wade in and move forward step by step ~ this may seem a little scary right now, but allow yourself to clean what ever you feel you need to or want to. Many of you have shared with me already that you have cleaned out your closets, straightened up your office space, and organized where organization previously did not exist. This is wonderful! By clearing out the old energy in your environment you are welcoming in new and clear thought patterns for your subconscious mind.

Signs and Symptoms of the latest shift:

  • Strong desire to clean up your clutter
  • Letting go of old objects, and clothing
  • A strong desire to change your life into a new direction
  • Seeing your life more clearly than you ever have before
  • An innate desire to strengthen you relationship with SPIRIT / God / Source
  • Feelings of nostalgia
  • A deep urge to seek answers on issues that have long been dormate
  • Feelings of heaviness or being more aware of your body mass are

How can you navigate the shift? I am hostessing a stimulating and refreshing energy shift this Sunday 10:00 AM Mountain time, and again at 3:00 PM via phone. Simply register by clicking the “buy now” button below. As this is a live event there will not be a replay.

What to expect on the telepresentation – I will begin by introducing myself, next I will share insights about this latest shift and how to walk through it with ease and grace, tools will be offered to prepare you for the next shift, and then I will facilitate an energy shift by making an energetic and spiritual connection with all those on the call. I will then work with SPIRIT / God to clear all discordant / negative energy for everyone as a group. Here are what others have shared in working with me. It is my desired outcome that everyone will feel a little lighter and more balanced after the experience. We will open and close the session with a prayer, and then everyone is free to go. Depending on the number of people attending, the length of time will be about 30 minutes.

Before the call be prepared to sit comfortably for about 30 minutes. You may also bring a pen and paper, or an electronic note taking device.

Here is how to enroll today:

      • Simply click the “Buy Now” button below to invest $20.00 in yourself.
      • You will receive an email receipt from Paypal as your receipt.
      • Upon placing your order you will receive a confirmation email within a few hours from Deanna Gloyd with the telepresentation phone number and access code.
      • Your registration will ideally ask for your email information to which the phone number for the tele-presentation and access code will be sent. If you do not have a Paypal account, or if you desire the information to be sent to an alternate email address, please send an email to with the date and time of your payment. Or feel free to text your request to Deanna at 970 391 2913.
      • Please note there are no refunds. There is no replay as this is a live event.

To register select the time below that is best for you.

Click here to for time converter Time Buddy

Click below to register for the 10 AM Mountain time session

Thank you for your interest – we have completed this tele-presentation ~ But don[t worry you can click below and sign up for an email notification for the next event! 

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Testimonials: The reports of immediate relief and release from the last mass energy clearing session happened, if not quickly, dissipating within a day after the call.

Here are a few of the comments I received:
“. . .The night of the clearing my sleep was uninterrupted. . . I can tell you that the guilt I was carrying around has been energetically lifted thanks your clearing.” NW Denver, CO.

“I was able to tell a difference after the call, I felt lighter, optimistic and an internal joy that I had not had the entire day.” MR Denver, CO.

Thank you so much for letting me know your wonderful and blessed results!

Much love and hugs during this time of great transformation!


Deanna Gloyd

© 2015 Healing Hands Network LLC






*Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program, services, or guidance, and its potential. This is offered as a spiritual energy. Each souls journey is different and thus the results will differ for each person.  The testimonials and examples used are of motivated and dedicated individuals, and don’t apply to every purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any self help endeavor, it is the responsibility of each individual to consult their health care provider, legal council, or other professional as needed, and be responsible for themselves and their health.

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