Simple Strategies for Relieving Stress During the Holidays! #1


It’s the Holiday Season!

Oh boy here it comes ~ the holidays! And 40 days until Christmas! It can be a time of hustle, hurry, and unfortunately stress and worry. So between now and then we’re going to be talking about, and sharing ways to have a happy enjoyable holiday season from now through Thanksgiving and until Christmas. Each day I will share a tip, secret, or simple strategy on how to keep yourself balanced and centered through the holiday season. It will take about 5 minutes a day.

I know many of you out there have been like I have in the past – in constant motion, but never quite feel like you are able to meet all the demands that the season brings. It is suppose to be peace and joy on earth, a time to create memories with our family and friends, and a time for hope the new year to come ~ but as we all know we can get lost in the hustle and bustle and societal expectations of who we are and who we are suppose to be.

Deep Breath in! Cleansing Breath out! Say to yourself – simple strategies I put in place now will help me to walk in ease and grace, more centered, more balanced.I can do this!

So as promised, I am going to share what I have learned from the life changing spiritual teachers that I have studied under and had the privilege to know over the past many years. I have outlined 10 simple strategies for relieving stress during the holidays.  

Let’s go ahead and get started with strategy one!

Here we go: Visualize How you want your holiday season to go. That’s right actually see it in your mind.  Make a mental list of the kinds of activities that you would like to go to, who you would like to attend them with, where you would like to spend your time, and how long you would like to be there.

You see once you begin to truly think about what your desired outcome is the less time you will experience doing the things that really do not matter to you. Lets say that you do not have anything really planned, or no real idea what you would like to do, or what is available for you to be involved in. Chances are that you will spend your time doing what others have created for you, or chasing opportunities that you think will keep you from feeling left out or less alone.

So strategy one is to plan out what you desire to experience this holiday season. Simply click on the link below and print out the strategy worksheet. Then get started planning your holiday experience.

Here is the link → Holiday Experience

I will see you back here tomorrow for simple strategy number 2. Be sure and book mark this page so you can find your way back! 

Big Hug and I will see you then!

Deanna Gloyd


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