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Simple Strategies for Relieving Stress During the Holidays! #3


It’s the Holiday Season! Strategy #3

Oh boy here it comes ~ the holidays! And 38 days until Christmas! It can be a time of hustle, hurry, and unfortunately stress and worry. So between now and then we’re going to be talking about, and share ways to have a happy enjoyable holiday season from now through Thanksgiving and until Christmas. Each day I will share a tip, secret, or simple strategy on how to keep yourself balanced and centered through the holiday season. It will take about 5 minutes a day.

Strategy #3 is stay out of judgement

Yesterday we talked about time management, setting a time table, and allowing yourself extra time to get it all done. Now that might seem like a pretty simple strategy and you might be thinking to yourself ~ yes, I know that already. But let’s dig a little deeper.

Ask yourself this simple question: What is expected of me during the holiday season? Now, if you are a mom like me, that might entail getting the house ready for company, or packing up all the toys, games, clothes,etc that are needed for the family to travel. Or even more fun ~ both! 

So ask yourself what would happen if. . . .What would happen if I don’t get the house spotless and deep clean the cabinets because I chose instead to devote my time to getting other things ready, or became more engaged in making a complete mess of my kitchen because I invited the neighborhood kids over to make Christmas cookies with my children? What would that nosy family member ~ who by the way might open your kitchen pantry and discover a two year old jar of preserves stuck to shelf ~say? Would that person judge me as a lousy mother, or homemaker? Is our deepest fear that we might appear to be inadequate?

Well let’s be honest we can sometime get caught up in the fear that others will pass judgement on us based on the way our home looks, the way we show up in the moment, or how we choose not to. So stay out of judgment on yourself. Allow yourself to breath and enjoy this season. Make the list, schedule a time table to help you navigate, and then know that what you get done is what you get done. Be sure to cover the basics, act in wisdom as to your and your families basic needs, and stay out of judgement with the outcome.

Oh and if that nosy relative happens to say something about that jar of preserves stuck to the back of the shelf. Simply smile and hand them a hot soapy sponge, and say: “Hey, I must have missed that. . .would you mind getting that for me. Thank you!”. Who knows it may give them something to do. (big smile!) Humor is a wonderful thing!

Action Step for today: Look at your time table, decide what is important, and what your core values are. If you are one of those that absolutely must have the house spotless ~ then include it in your calendar, or put a few gentle reminders in your phone. 

Deep Breath in! Cleansing Breath out! Say to yourself – simple strategies I put in place now will help me to walk in ease and grace, more centered, more balanced.I can do this!

If you are just joining us, here is the link to day one  → Simple Strategy Number One!

I will see you back here tomorrow for simple strategy number 4. Be sure and book mark this page so you can find your way back!

Big Hug and I will see you then!

Deanna Gloyd


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