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Simple Strategies for Relieving Stress During the Holidays! #6


It’s the Holiday Season! Strategy #6

Oh boy here it comes ~ the holidays! It is 5 days until Thanksgiving and 35 days until Christmas! It can be a time of hustle, hurry, and unfortunately stress and worry. So between now and then we’re going to be talking about, and share ways to have a happy enjoyable holiday season from now through Thanksgiving and until Christmas. Each day I will share a tip, secret, or simple strategy on how to keep yourself balanced and centered through the holiday season. It will take about 5 minutes a day.

Hello and Welcome back! We are on strategy day six and more than half way through! How are you doing? Can you say Whoo-hoo! You are doing great! This is going to be the most awesome holiday season for you yet!

Yesterday we talked about taking care of our physical bodies and making good food choices.

Today let’s talk about our mental bodies. Your mind is one of the most important assets that you have. Think about it ~ it is the control center for your thoughts. Your mind is the steering wheel for your life. Where your mind goes, you tend to go also. How many times when you were growing up did you hear someone say: “Watch where you are going” as you almost walked into a stationary object? lol! Well the same can be said for your life and the holiday experience.

So strategy #6 is to feed your mind with positive thoughts. Find a funny movie, a good book, or take a walk. Another way to engage the mind, and promote positive family interaction is to play a game like cards, a treasure hunt, or charades. If you find yourself alone during the holiday season, take a moment now to pick up the phone and find a place to volunteer. There is a great deal of need this time of year. Bottom line is: “get moving!” If you mind is engaged you will be also. 

Action Step for today: Think about where you are going this holiday season ~ where do you want to direct your mind? How can you increase the amount of positive focus you have now? 

Deep Breath in! Cleansing Breath out! Say to yourself – simple strategies I put in place now will help me to walk in ease and grace, more centered, more balanced.I can do this!

If you are just joining us, here is the link to day one  → Simple Strategy Number One!

I will see you back here tomorrow for simple strategy number 7. Be sure and book mark this page so you can find your way back!

Big Hug and I will see you then! 

Deanna Gloyd


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