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Simple Strategies for Relieving Stress During the Holidays! #8


It’s the Holiday Season! Strategy #8

Oh boy here it comes ~ the holidays! It is 3 days until Thanksgiving and 32 days until Christmas! It can be a time of hustle, hurry, and unfortunately stress and worry. So between now and then we’re going to be talking about, and share ways to have a happy enjoyable holiday season from now through Thanksgiving and until Christmas. Each day I will share a tip, secret, or simple strategy on how to keep yourself balanced and centered through the holiday season. It will take about 5 minutes a day.

Hello and Welcome back! We are on strategy day eight! Let’s recap our strategies and see how you are doing. Here is what we have so far:

  • Visualize your holiday and what your desired outcome is.
  • Manage the amount of time it will take to create your desired outcome
  • Stay out of judgement on yourself. Do what you can.
  • Get some rest.
  • Eat good food.
  • Feed your mind positive thoughts.
  • Plan simple activities.

Yesterday in strategy 7  we touched on the relationship dynamic. The holiday season can be awesome, engaging, and even magical! It can be a time to reconnect, share memories, and create new ones. However, it can also be a time of unresolved issues, awkward meet ups, and displaced emotions.  So how can we handle ourselves and engage at this time or year, instead of merely getting through it? Ah that is step  8~ plan self management techniques.

What? Self management techniques. We know ourselves better than anyone else. We know what we can handle and what drives us right around the bend. We know when it is time to engage with others and when it is best to excuse ourselves and decompress. So have a way to do that available that is easy and understandable to others. If you are at someone else’s home ask them if there is a place that you can take a moment to yourself. Perhaps they have a sunroom, or a spare room that you can respite in. If the weather is suitable, going for a walk or sitting outside in the sunshine may be a good place to take a moment to yourself.

Plan ahead to know what your preferred technique is, or have more than one you can pull from. Some ideas are: a basketball to dribble outside, a paperback book, a moment to stretch or lay down, taking a short walk.  

It is good to engage in self management technique in place so that you can relax and de-stress as you need to. There is no need to explain yourself – just excuse yourself and take a breath. If you have children remember they may need a respite also. This time of the year can be very over stimulating for you and them.

So step 8 is to have a self management technique in place so you can remain centered and balanced. Know yourself and when it is best for you to take a moment to decompress. 

Action Step for today: Decide on three ways to take a moment to yourself. Remember this is a loving action for both yourself and others around you. 

Deep Breath in! Cleansing Breath out! Say to yourself – simple strategies I put in place now will help me to walk in ease and grace, more centered, more balanced.I can do this!

If you are just joining us, here is the link to day one  → Simple Strategy Number One!

I will see you back here tomorrow for simple strategy number 9. Be sure and book mark this page so you can find your way back!

Big Hug and I will see you then! 

Deanna Gloyd


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