How May I Be of Service?

fireplace aweberI have been so richly blessed this year to be of service to so many who are awakening to the miracle of just being themselves and being more than they thought they ever could be.
The miracle is to know that you are special, that you are loved, and that you are unique.
Take a moment to realize that there is no one like you! You have unique talents, gifts, and qualities that are uniquely your own. Only you have traveled your path. Only you have made great strides to seek the truth within and let it shine out to all those around you.
It is because of all the experiences that you have had that you are uniquely qualified to be of service to someone else this holiday season. And it is so simple, yet powerful. It only takes a moment.
All that is involved to truly be of service is simple smile, a simple greeting, a moment of thought sent out as loving energy to another. It is in your kindness that you can touch the heart of another person and pass on the gift of love and light. Who knows you may have answered a prayer.
I encourage you now to go within and reach out to spread the light of SPIRIT / God. Ask yourself: how may I be of service?  There may be a bigger purpose in store for you. Be open and follow your heart.
Before I go, here is my question for you to answer on my facebook page: What is it that you are grateful for this year? What miracles have you seen in your life? 
Okay, that is two questions. But I can not wait to read your comments on Facebook.
Big Hug to you and thank you for bringing meaning and purpose to my life!
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