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11046885_850845101636003_8534849372439292367_nHappy New Year Everyone!

As you have noticed I have been a little quiet over the holidays, and here is the reason. In September I made a decision about what I wanted my December to look like. In years past I had settled for whatever came along, and attempted to keep up with the demands of the season. But this year I knew that I desired something special and spectacular, a great momentum toward achieving some pretty big goals and finishing up 2015 with a bang.


So I followed three simple steps that seemed too easy to really work – but THEY DID IN A BIG WAY! I increased my business revenues, moved into a new home, and was blessed beyond measure with all my moving needs being met and even surpassed. I even found time to relax and welcome new students into an ever larger growing spiritual community.

Succesful Woman

As a result of my high degree of success in manifesting my desires I found that I had to run to keep up. Note to self ~ new success creates new opportunity.

So what happened? I changed my thinking and allowed myself to do something so simple, put no judgement on myself for doing so, and created no limits in my mind as to what could happen.

And what is the craziest thing? That what I did was simple, and brought such big and dynamic results in a short period of time. It was something that I had known, but had not done before because I thought it would take too much of my valuable time and detour me from doing what I thought needed to be done – working hard, nose to the grid stone, make it happen kind of thing.

Realistically most of us don’t have a lot of time and we want to get results fast, but the one thing that I have discovered is that results we get really fast are not the results we really wanted or intended. This reminds me of the standard New Years resolution. You make a list of things that you want to do, don’t want to do, or need an excuse to find the will power to do and figure that the new year is as good as time as any to get things kicked off with a good old college try.

Well, let me tell you that based on past performance and results that good old try is definitely not your best option. Can I see a show of hands of how many have tried to quit smoking, stressing, procrastinating, binge eating, or living in the past? How about lose weight and exercise more? And then at the first sign of trouble, or time squeeze, gone right back into the same old patterns? Have said to yourself – well maybe next year, or if I just had this advantage or that advantage I would be to do it.

All you need to succeed are three simple steps. Magic beans if you will, to grow your dreams.

You can do this!  And we can get started together this Friday January 8, 2016 at 7 PM Mountain time via phone – a first time tele-presentation. Click on the image below and let’s get you registered for the 20 minute call and see what you can create with three simple steps in 2016.
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PS. To make this really simple the presentation is free – and yes it will be recorded. Those who register will receive a link to the replay. So there is no excuse not to invest a moment to get registered.

You will receive an email confirmation with all the details for the live call, plus a few extras. If you do not receive the confirmation in your inbox please check your spam box. Questions, or challenges in registration email deanna @ toolsofenergyprotection.com.

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