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Energy Shift Update: February 3, 2016

Energy Shift Update

Good Evening Everyone!

It is a great and wonderful time to be alive and fully awake!
This energy shift has brought very dynamic energetic frequencies to upgrade, uplift, and encouraging you into embracing your magnificent self!

If you have been feeling topsy turvy with extreme feelings of success like nothing can hold you back, along with huge knee jerk reactions to the change that you are experiencing in moving toward that success – you are fully experiencing this latest shift!

The new frequencies are immersing current relationships in energy balancing. It is important to enhance your relationships by focusing your thoughts on positive outcome, harmony, and positive beliefs. It can be a liberating experience! In doing so you will notice some relationships are strengthened greatly while others seem to vanish more quickly.  You may notice:

  • An increased awareness of those who are bringing you down,or putting blocks in your way emotionally.
  • New relationships blossoming with people who have previously been on the peripheral of your business, friendships, or circle of influence.
  • More clarity with the relationships you currently have. Seeing them for what they have been all along, but what you refused to see previously.
  • A positive outlook in business and shifting toward more authentic business relationships.

These powerful shifts are resulting in energetic transformations around health, you may have noticed:

  • The urge to eat differently seeking higher vibrational foods such as fresh fruit, legumes, or veggies, instead of heavily processed foods.
  • You may also have noticed a propensity toward greater amounts of sleep and or rest. This is your body adjusting the the higher level frequencies.
  • You may have been feeling like a superstar in making great strides upgrading your living environment and dispose of the clutter.

The good news is that once you recognize that these energy shifts are happening in your life it is easy to upgrade, uplift, and take encouraging steps forward toward embracing your magnificent self!

All it requires is a simple alignment between you and what you believe.

Once you make that shift, that is when everything you have ever desired in your life shows up. The Universe re-orders itself to bring you endless and boundless opportunities in a way you never thought possible.  It is like it had always been there just waiting on you.

You don’t have to figure out how to make shift on your own (it will take too much time).

The good news is I can help to set you on your way and teach you exactly how to align with the shift in a one on one personal coaching connection.

(And it’s free.)

More good news: Once you align with these shifting energies and understand how to embrace them . . . more becomes possible than you ever imagined.

And that is what brings me my greatest joy – giving you the understanding on how to live a life with more emotional freedom, more impact, and more success! You might say it is my Valentines gift to you! You see after February I am closing the doors on the free one to one consults to make room for new live events and appearances. So grab your spot now!

Just try it. You will see.

I will see you soon. Grab your Coaching Connection personal 30 minute time slot with me. Okay? Click here. And select the Coaching Connection. Then select the time that works best for you.

I am holding a space just for you,



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