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Energy Shift Update: March 07, 2016

Energy Shift Update

How to Embrace Healthy Self Expression

This is simply one of the most spectacular energy shifts that I have seen and experienced in a while all I can say is whaaa-whoo!

Have you been experiencing any of the following in the last few days or weeks:

  • Immense headaches, trouble sleeping, an overwhelming urge to change dietary habits.
  • Feeling very distracted as if your day to day existence doesn’t cut it anymore to keep you engaged in your daily routine.
  • Knowing that there is a greater purpose in life that the one that you have currently been living.
  • Seeking greater understanding as to why things are not changing for you as fast as you would like.
  • An underlying fear that creates fatigue.
  • Feeling hazy, or unable to focus and stay centered.
  • A sense of knowing that you are here ~ present, yet not.

Has this been you? Then your soul is in full expression of the latest magnetic shifts and pulls as we go from the mental body expression to the more fully functioning light body expression.

What can you do? Be more fully aware of your day to day actions. Notice where you are in time and space. If your physical body is telling you that your food choices do not honor you ~ then choose differently. Take a moment to unplug each day. Turn off the noise. Listen to you. Take action and move forward in faith. Be willing to change. Be willing to let go of the old.

Technical Stuff.  Choose to embrace healthy self expression and honor your urges to be more productive, allow yourself to release old systems of things that no longer work for you. Once you begin to listen to you, move more congruently with you, ease out of your comfort zones in wisdom and synchronicity to what is being placed in your path.  As you shift and change know that there is a maximum expansion that you can experience right now, and as you move forward that frequency will change. You will be open to experiencing more and greater things.

So what is the secret to a more fast pace change?  I have been facilitating the shifting of energy for others for years, and sometimes all it takes is one simple shift, and your own determination to shift your life and embrace your freedom. Click here to book an appointment now.

Here is a recent success story:

“My girlfriend was visiting from out of town and she made an appointment to see Deanna. This was a very low time in her life. After seeing Deanna and getting back to her home, she changed drastically for the better. She is still doing fantastic and living life again.”  ~Kristine

Nothing changes until you take the first step. So will you take this opportunity to do so here?

I am rooting for you! I am so passionate about what I do and I can’t wait for the opportunity to share it with you . . .to help you create the energy shift for breakthroughs now!


P.S. Would you be willing to make an investment of sixty minutes in yourself this week? Before Friday? I believe that you are so worth it, and I know that this powerful energy shift can be a real game changer for you. Go for it!

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