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Energy Shift Update: April 29, 2016

Energy Shift UpdateEnergy Shift Update April 29, 2016

Hello Everyone! This latest shift is packed full of much excitement and information so take a deep breath and lets get started!

Here are the highlights ~The resonance frequency of earths magnetic ley lines are raising the energetic frequency and clearing blockages to the life force of your energy field. The frequencies are serving as simple harmonic oscillator powered by the completion of the planetary shifts into retrograde.   The resulting energy is a huge surge toward powerful opportunities involving self love and empowerment ~outstanding!

What does that mean?

Here is the technical scoop: The physical body is comprised of water, salt, and electric. These elements are susceptible to the shifts of electronmagnetic frequencies.

Think of it this way, one of the forms of electromagnetic frequencies is a radio wave. If you have the receiver tuned to the frequency you desire to receive and hear ~ you will consciously pick up that channel and be able to receive news, music, etc. Your physical body is a giant receiver of energetic waves. If you have it tuned to pick up positive energy and messages, you will attract and focus on positive thoughts and experiences. The opposite is also true.

Right now the Universe is receiving a huge influx of positive energy waves. The retrograde of 5 planets are like a giant tuner for frequency. Hence, the transference.

The metaphysical scoop: Depending on how long you have been working on your relationship with understanding yourself and your place in this space and time (aka your life purpose) will be directly proportionate to the amount of shifts you notice within yourself and your perspective on things around you. The more time you have invested in mediation, self reflection, and taking action toward self empowerment and self love, the more heightened your awareness will be toward the frequency changes. Awesome!

This is a full on time of discovery for thoughts and emotions and their combined ability to project and produce a direct result in your life. This energy transformation is a full on sport, no side line watchers or coaches here!

What does that mean in my day to day life? The frequencies of the magnetic fields are interacting with your energy bodies creating a space for the development of your ability to generate and hold positive thoughts.  Here are the highlights that clients, colleagues, and students have shared in recognizing that these energies are present:

  • Feeling of anxious around the desire to create a more positive experience.
  • Feelings of wresting with the unknown that keep you from moving forward.
  • A desire to give up earthy confines (basically get rid of all the stuff that is cluttering your home) and enjoy the creature comforts (basic food / shelter).
  • Huge revelations and recognition of where you are along your life path.
  • Noticing what energy / feelings / emotions are charging your life, how they are being produced, and taking active steps toward nullifying those factors equated with negative self expression.
  • A conscious awareness that life lessons are coming faster and the results of those actions are coming more quickly.
  • Sleeping patterns are really erratic.
  • Waves of deep seated anger.
  • Feeling ready to move on in your life -letting go of things you never thought you would.

Now what? It will require clarity and focus to move forward. Steer the ship full steam ahead and embrace your fears. Examine them to see if they are real or perceived.

If you feel ready and are seeking to aligning yourself with a higher vibration of positive loving energy in your life, I invite you to apply for one of my awesome free strategy session here  today. I can help you map out  a greater understanding of where you are right now and what to do in the next three months to experience positive accelerated growth.

Once you complete your application here, we will get you scheduled for that call with me to more fully explore how to have the greatest positive direction in your life right now.

I am excited to meet with you! 

Big Hug!


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