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What happens when loved ones don’t cross over

One of the most meaningful and powerful aspects of my spiritual calling is to help others move through the loss of loved ones that have passed from the physical body through mediumship, also known as spirit contact.It can be a powerful means of closure for the ones left behind.

In some instances though, it is the ones no longer in the physical body that need the most help. They have chosen not to crossed over because they are concerned for their loved ones, have unfinished business, or died from a sudden trauma and were not ready to leave the physical realm.

By remaining here they cause challenges to those left behind in several ways. One of those ways is that the deceased one will hang out in the energy field of their loved one. This can cause the loved one a high degree of anxiety or a feeling of restlessness.

Here is a recent case that I facilitated. Joan came in to see me for a reading. She said she had suffered from the loss of her father and wanted to know how he was doing and if he was happy because his death had been rather sudden.

I was surprised when her father began speaking to me almost instantly. You see they can sometimes take a while before they speak to give their loved ones the opportunity to interact with me before entering the conversation.

Joan’s father quickly provided me with a myriad of information that I had no way of otherwise knowing. He said he was particularly concerned about his daughter. Joan was surprised and began to cry because she realized that she was in spirit communication with her father.

I asked Joan why he would be concerned about her, she said it was not her but her sister that he was probably concerned about. Joan went on to explain that since her fathers death over a month ago her sister had suffered from terrible depression, had to take an extended leave of absence from her job, and was currently on medication for her anxiety. This had not been the case before her fathers passing. She had been a vibrant woman who never missed a day of work.

As it turned out Joan’s father had not transitioned and was hanging out in the energy field of his daughter. She was picking up all of his energy and attempting to process it. This can be very devastating to the person still in body as Joan’s sister was experiencing.

A few days later Joan and her sister came to see me. We again talked to their father and helped him cross into the light. Within a few days Joan’s sister returned to work, and within a few weeks she was off of her anxiety medication.

If you know anyone who is going through the same circumstance please reach out to them, and let them know there is help available. It may be life changing for them.

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