How to release Energy Draining People from your life.


As this world shifts into a higher and higher energy vibration ~ more and more highly sensitive people are being asked to step forward and claim their Divine Gifts and be of greater service to both themselves and others.

What do I mean to be of greater service to yourself? As a highly sensitive person, or a intuitive healer ~ whether you see yourself as this or not think of this – do you on a daily basis help others, do you allow them to drain your energy, or willingly give it to others to help them succeed while you yourself seem to remain stuck in an endless cycle of frustration and / or a constant state of exhaustion? Then you are are an intuitive healer.

So what does it mean to be of greater service to yourself when you are already feeling drained? It means changing your mindset. It requires showing up for yourself, drawing boundaries, making an effort, and embracing the willingness to change. First, recognize that what you do for others is a Divine Gift. You have sensitivities that allow you to feel, sense, or know, when others are hurting or in need of assistance. Second, know that these gifts can be honed and cultivated to bring you to financial abundance, the fulfilling relationship you have longed for, and the mental / emotional / spiritual / and physical health that you have always wanted. Third, know that frustration and exhaustion are not a natural part of this journey.

Being of greater service to yourself means accepting who you are:

  • You were born to make the world a better place in only the way that you can
  • You never really “fit in” with the rest of the crowd
  • Your unique abilities and talents are meant to enhance your life
  • You are not obligated to be a savior for the world, after all this office has already been filled
  • Your abilities came to you in a natural way
  • You were meant to live a bigger more fulfilling life that you are leading right now
  • You are searching for your life meaning and purpose
  • You are not an energetic outlet for everyone to plug into
  • You do have the skills set to make other peoples lives better
  • You have a quality about you that naturally draws people to you
  • You are ready to activate your gifts, change the world, and make more money that you ever thought possible . . .if you just knew how.

Step one is to identify who are the energy drainers in your life. Notice who is the person that always calls you complaining about their life and seems hopeless to be able to fix it. This person will refuse any suggestions you give them, create a problem for each solution you provide, and leave you feeling drained of all your energy. It is time to get busy making your list. Write down the qualities that this person possess that seem the most draining to you: note the number of times they “reach out to you” in a day or week, the number of excuses they have for not seeking help for themselves and committing to making a positive change.

If you resonate with any of this information please take a moment to go through my website, and see how I can help you change your life. Let me show you how to turn your spiritual Divine gifts around, make your inner light brighter, and start living a more joy filled exuberant life.

I believe in you!
Deanna Gloyd


Deanna Gloyd is an Intuitive Healer, Medium, and Master Dowser. She connects to Akashic Records and SPIRIT to shift, change, and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 6,0000 clients and demonstrates these talents in individual sessions, workshops, and online events. To book your own private reading click here 

Are you ready to embrace love and abundance?


Are you ready to embrace love and abundance?  How do you know if you are ready to shift your reality?

The Universe has a funny way of showing us our reality that we have created for ourselves whether we know it or not. What does that mean? Well by our actions or non actions we create our own reality, our own immediate existence, and experiences.

Your ability to embrace love and abundance comes in the form of what you see right in front of you over and over. I like to think if it like a sink full of dirty dishes. If you are the one who does the dishes, then if you choose not to do them, the dishes sit there. They stare at you each time you walk by saying are you going to attend to us now? How about now? Does now work for you?

You can choose to ignore the dishes as you walk by, tell yourself you will address them later, but they still sit there. Undone.

Your life choices can be like that. The results you see are the direct result of choices made or not made and actions taken or not take.

Often our desire to change is shortchanged by our willingness to change.

To gain understanding ask yourself what issues keep showing themselves to you. What occurrences or life circumstances keep coming up over and over.

Is there someone that comes your mind over and over? Is it someone that you have not forgiven? Or someone you have unresolved issues with?

Are you feeling that your current job is somehow not what you thought you would be doing? Is it the position that you hold in your current work place that no longer interest you, or pays you enough?

Are you unhappy or frustrated in your current relationship? Are you feeling like you want to move forward with your relationship, and yet somehow you know it would be better to let go and walk away? Or maybe your partner is not showing you the signs that they want to deepen the relationship?

In any of these circumstances the Universe is asking you why do you hang on? What is keeping you in an endless cycle of disappointment? Why do you feel there is nothing more for you than were you currently are?

The truth is – is that there is always enough. Enough room for you to expand your consciousness and your experiences in this Universe. There is enough positive energy and joy in the universe that is available to everyone ~ right now!

All you have to do is ask for what you desire, and let go of what you have that is currently taking up your time and energy and showing no prospect of fulfilling your dreams.

New realities await.

The shift is up to you.

Many Blessings!


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