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Free Yourself From Fear, part 1

Fear is a very deep emotion and it can make us do things that are not so positive. There are two ruling emotions in this Universe. One is love and the other one is fear. One of the ways to lessen fear is to monitor what you are putting in your mind everyday. What are you watching on T.V., the Internet, or even your cell phone? If what you are putting into your mind is joyful and happy, it will raise the frequency and lessen the fear.

Fear is a mind killer, and what you put into your mind, or allow into your mind, is the basis for what controls your thoughts and actions.

So here is something to consider: What are you watching on television? What songs are you listening to? What are those things telling you about the world around you? How is it shaping how you see life, your perception of life, and the world around you?

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Big Hug! And know that you are loved!

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