Energy Shift Update: December 12, 2016

Energy Shift UpdateEnergy Shift Update: December 12, 2016

If you are feeling off balance, fatigued, or extremely energized to make big shifts and changes in your life ~ welcome aboard!

Hello Everyone! This latest shift is packed full of negotiation, letting go, transition, and acceptance, so take a deep breath and let’s get started! Powerful engagement toward the fulfillment of self love and life purpose awaits (Happy Dance)!

Here are the highlights ~ There is a huge amount of energy surging through the 1st and 2nd dimensions right now creating a fertile field for transformation, and either acceptance, or non acceptance, of the current reality that you are experiencing.

Up until now the resonance frequency of Earth’s magnetic ley lines have been supporting an experiential plane of existence that allowed for a more limited expression of life. The resonate frequencies serve as simple harmonic oscillator powered in part by the current phase of the moon and the sun. In the last several months there has been a gradual shift in the resonate frequency creating a conscious awareness toward the recognition of unlimited possibilities and unlimited potential. What we have been experiencing is a transition from one frequency to the other. The transition is accomplished by a shift between the two potentials in a space called the pocket. The pocket is the space between what has been and the potential for what will be.

What does that mean? The time is now to decide what you truly desire; where are you going? Are you going to continue a life of existence without meaning or purpose? Are you living in a time loop that serves no greater purpose? Where is your focus ~ that is the bottom line. The energy of this full moon will serve as an influence for the propulsion out of the apex between what you have been experiencing and what you desire going forward. Making a decision will help you come out of the pocket with great momentum and enhance your opportunity to create a more purpose filled life with realized self love.

Your decision about your future can be as simple as making a conscious decision to be happy and allowing that to enter your life, and saying goodbye to circumstances or situations that have created pain, despair, and exhaustion. Making that one simple decision will align you with the frequency of quantum transformation.

What does that mean in the here and now? Take this moment to look beyond the realities you have been living and the beliefs that have landed you where you are right now: Dare to dream about what life will look like without limitations. The self imposed limitations of the past are part and parcel of the cause of the fatigue. We may attempt to negotiate what we desire to hold onto (old emotional baggage) and blend it with new realities; however, the two are not compatible. The attempt to grasp one and create the others simultaneously creates fatigue and often resentment. The key here is to embrace the one you desire to align with and allow the other one to simply fade. I recommend that you walk in faith and face the future unknown. God / SPIRIT promises us that we shall not want, and that our path is always provided with everything we require(Ps 23). The opportunity to embrace greater amounts of self love and create a purpose filled life is here.

Next Steps:

  •  Think about your life up until now. What about it have you enjoyed? What would you like to experience more of? Write that down.
  • What have been the ruling factors in your life? What has influenced you to do the things you do, or take the actions that you have taken? Did you feel conflicted, or uplifted by these things? Divide your page in half and write down what made you feel conflicted on one side. On the other side write the solutions you see to either resolve the conflict or rid yourself of it. Simply walk toward the solution in faith.
  • Do you find yourself happy at the end of your day, or unfulfilled and broken? I have heard this a lot recently from clients who feel their jobs or current relationships drain them. It is good to reevaluate how you see yourself. Take steps to understand boundaries.

Big Hug!




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