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Energy Shift Update: December 20, 2016

Energy Shift UpdateEnergy Shift Update: December 20, 2016

Hello Everyone! This shift is comprised of three elements: remembering who you truly are, having deep compassion for your past hurts, and allowing understanding in order to release unwanted emotional burden.








Here are the highlights — In order to bring about, and allow for the energetic release, the magnetic frequency has currently aligned with a powerful energetic apex that is creating magnificent shifts in emotional healing and release.

What does that mean?

Here is the technical scoop: The apex is acting like the symbolic eye of the needle, and for those who are ready to change the past, and create transference of energy from past hurts into a dynamic new life, time lines are having to converge right now; this convergence creates a pressurization on the current inertial motion. Inertia is the resistance of an object, in this case emotional energy, to change its current state of motion.

The metaphysical scoop: The length of time and intensity that you have been working on your past hurts and allowing understanding will be directly proportional to your level of the resistance to changing your current state of motion. The more time you have invested in mediation, self reflection, and taking action toward self empowerment and self love, the less resistance there will be to change your current state of motion. Awesome!

What does that mean in my day to day life?  The energetic release that you have been seeking is now being supported by universal frequency. Having deep compassion for your past hurts, remembering who you truly are, and allowing understanding in order to release unwanted emotional burden is being created in your energy body, and is transferable to your emotional body should you choose to take the opportunity.

Here are the highlights that clients, colleagues, and students have shared in recognizing that these energies are present:

  • deep soul searching
  • recognizing people in your life who have supported you during your time of change
  • a desire to be whole within yourself
  • the urge to move forward in your life
  • trusting and having more faith in your choices
  • a desire to have more gentleness in you life
  • an underlying urge to tell your friend family this holiday season how much you value them
  • an urge to understand your past, and believe in your future
  • being truthful and successful in your daily walk of life
  • questioning your faith in the God /Divine Creator and seeking to strengthen that faith
  • a realization that certain people no longer enhance your life and therefore must be released
  • an understanding not to judge yourself by your past, you do not live there anymore
  • a movement toward trust in an understanding yourself
  • Clearing inhibitions from your self esteem

Next Steps: It is important to keep yourself moving forward and to recognize that shifting into a new state of being, a new inertia, requires effort and diligence. During a one to one session with me, the principle idea is to discover and identify what energy may be blocking you from moving forward, or feeling stuck. Once identified, it is through the power of God / SPIRIT, that these energy blocks are cleared during the session and a new space is found to infuse with self love. Click here to schedule your one to one session. Here are a few additional steps you can take to move yourself forward:

  • Create a daily mantra such as: “I am whole, complete, and at peace, even as I experience change”.
  • Shift your focus to evaluating what really matters in your life, what can you control.
  • Begin your day by speaking Psalms 23 out loud. Click here to access

Big Hug!




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