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A Special Holiday Message 2016 – Free Holiday Energy Clearing

A Special Holiday Message

Hello Everyone and Happy Holidays! Please accept my gift to you ~ a Holiday Energy Clearing.

I am so happy and grateful to have experienced an exciting and uplifting year! I have met so many new and ascending folks that are evolving and finding joy and happiness in their lives. I have been blessed beyond measure in joy and in learning to walk in faith and the reception of miracles. It is my desire that you are experiencing the same in your life right now!

Magic Bag

I have become aware that there is a growing gap between those who are experiencing great joy and those who are not. So my special holiday message this year to you is to open up your heart and allow joy to come in. The energy is there ~ claim it and receive it! It is like a special bag of magic dust just waiting to be opened and sprinkled into your life. How? Well that is a great question. There are many ways to open the bag and access the seemingly magical energy of joy and love. Here are just a few suggestions to get you on your way.

  • One – Do not wait for life to find you! Get out there and be the miracle in someone else’s life. This week I was leaving a grocery store and saw a woman in the parking lot greatly distressed. As I drove by I noticed she had a manual in one hand and a car jack in the other. It was below freezing, and she had knelt down on the icy asphalt to look below her vehicle. At first I thought she will be okay because she is right here in a well lit parking lot with access to a warm building and a phone. And then I knew she required more than the physical comfort of being “okay”, she needed comfort in knowing she was loved. God / SPIRIT loves each and everyone of us. Sometimes God calls us to be the light in someone else’s life, to be the tool, the vehicle through which he delivers his loving hand. I was being called to be that tool, and I answered the call.
  • Two ~ Focus on the good in your life. What good do I have? Your ego mind may begin to complain about all of the bills, expectations, demands, and obligations at this time of year. Stop it by taking a deep breath. Take a moment to refocus your mind. Are you breathing? Do you have access to good food and clean water? Are your clothes adequate? Is there another person near who loves you no matter what you have done, or the mistakes you have made? Remember God / SPIRIT loves you unconditionally 24-7. You are an aspect of the Divine Creator Source of All. Focus your attention on all that is good in your life. Let that be your foremost thought.
  • Three ~ Give as you are able. There is so much need in this world right now:the need to be valued, appreciated, to be seen, and to be heard. What are you able to give right now from what you have been blessed with already? There is a simple smile to the clerk who maybe feeling overworked from long hard hours, or a loving hug to someone who you have not see in a while, or may have been distant with in the past. Take a moment to give your family recognition for the place they have in your heart. Remember this is a season for giving. It is a time that the earth spends a longer time being at rest and in the dark, so it is time to let your inner light shine brighter than it ever has. You are being called to give as you are able. If you are fatigued, exhausted, or feel that you have nothing left to give, then give yourself the simple gift of a few moments alone: rest, and nurture yourself. How? Finding a place to be alone for a few moments, relax, and breath. To assist you in reaching the place of stillness where you can become one with peace and joy, I am giving you a free energy clearing for the holidays, and yes you may also give it as a gift. It is my pleasure to be of service. Thank you for allowing me to share my joy and peace with you.

Big Hug! And Happy Holidays from all of us at to you and your family. If you experience a miracle this holiday season, or you are the tool through which the miracle comes, please share your experience in the comments below, or for daily inspiration connect with me on Facebook by clicking here.

Holiday Energy Clearing

2 thoughts on “A Special Holiday Message 2016 – Free Holiday Energy Clearing”

  1. Thank you-thank you thank you-Deanna for this amazing for this gift of meeting & connecting with you! Our sessions with you last Saturday @ For Heavens Sake-for myself- Hubby Gilbert were a true God/Great Spirit Miraculous Blessing! We have been processing-digesting all week! Amazing results being brought forth by us both! Was wishing to have a follow up today -but they said u didn’t make it in! Are u still honoring follow ups with $80 hr rate for Christmas special? Many offsprings now looking forward to future readings. Our two babes Deanna & Monica also thought you were a triple home run! Love you forever Orlanda
    If you have a few seconds to chat you can always reach me.

    1. Orlanda it was my pleasure to work with you and your family at For Heavens Sake Books in Denver! Thank you for allowing me to be of service, it is truly what I love to do. The snow yesterday kept me Loveland bound. I will be back Thursday! Yes the special rate is for returning clients who choose to have a one hour session each month. I look forward to seeing you, Gilbert, Deanna, and Monica soon.

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