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Energy Shift Update: January 20, 2017

Energy Shift UpdateEnergy Shift Update: January 20, 2017

Hello Everyone!

This energy shift is moving us toward a greater reality. A reality in which we can truly find ourselves. Remember that finding ourselves can come a time of great adversity in our lives, it can come when we are ready, or it can come when we simply give up the struggle and accept who and what we are.

Here are the highlights —  Today was the completion of the convergence of three time lines. The resulting value of the common point of the energies of space, perceived time, and the base resonate frequency are still in play. The measurable uncertainties, a mix of global emotions and projected agendas, are still unsettled and volatile. The completion of the initial compression will surface on January 21, 2017. The common point of these energies will continue to be in flux for several months, and not fully settle and be realized until March 21, 2017.

What does that mean?  It means that the direction of the energy is changing. It means that the velocity in which we experience the change depends on the speed in which the change happens.

Here is the technical scoop: The resulting compression on January 21, 2017 will eventually pick up speed and velocity. Until the energy is settle and a creates a cohesive force, the uncertainties can cause the continuum of time space to act in erratic ways greatly shifting the dynamics of what we experience.


Recognizable elements of this shift:

  • A feeling, or sense, that time is folding around you.
  • Experiencing a loss of time.
  • A sense of timeless motion.
  • Example: A person is walking forward experiencing a sense that their beingness is just before them, and just after them at the same time as they are walking. What? If you are familiar with the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, you may remember one of the characters being struck on the head. The characters head would then vibrate such that you could see three or four vertical lines on either side of the characters head simultaneously. Imagine being able to see these in front of you as you walk.

Things you might see in your daily life

  • Feeling anxious an not being able to identify the source of anxiety.
  • Feeling unsettled.
  • Noticing time is skipping – basically a loss of several minutes. Periods where time feels to go very quickly followed by prolonged time periods.

Next Steps: Find your inner tranquility and inner peace. In prayer today SPIRIT / God / Source revealed to me three simple steps: peace; quiet your mind; and find harmony.

Here are a few additional steps you can take to move yourself forward:

  • Create a daily mantra such as: “I accept myself where I am, I see my full potential, and I now choose to move forward and accept God’s grace.”
  • Breathe. Take at least 5 minutes three times a day to be still and breathe.
  • Move toward self acceptance.  You are a divine aspect of the Creator Source of All.
  • Begin and end your day by speaking out loud:

“I chose to recognize that part of my inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, that is part of me, and is of great worth in God’s sight.” ~ paraphrase I Peter 3:4 

Big Hug!



Deanna Gloyd is an Metaphysician, Intuitive, and Master Dowser. She connects with God / SPIRIT and to the Akashic records to facilitate energetic shifts and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 6,000 clients in personal one to one sessions. To book your private session click here nowSession are conducted via phone, Skype, or in Denver, CO at For Heaven’s Sake Books.

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