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Swift Energy Shift 2/28/2017

Welcome everyone to The Swift Energy Shift for February 28, 2017

I am Deanna Gloyd your Energy Shift Expert here to guide and help you to shift your energies.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Facebook live, and on my Youtube channel radiantlovehealing. If you are not already a part of the Facebook live streams click here and click the follow button on Facebook to receive notification when we are live: click the like button on Facebook to special announcements and discounts on your Facebook feed. If you are not on Facebook, click here to view the replay on my Youtube channelThe replay will be posted generally within an hour after the live stream. Click the subscribe button on Youtube to receive notification for postings and live events on Youtube.  For current time and date on the live Swift Energy Shifts click here

What energies are holding you back from unparalleled success, and what going on spiritually speaking? To book a one to one session to clear your energy and align yourself with positive steps toward your success ~ click here

I am sending you lots and love and light!


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