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Energy Shift Update: Week of March 27 – April 2, 2017



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Energy Shift UpdateEnergy Shift Update: Week of March 27 – April 2, 2017

Hello Everyone!

This week is the time to go forward and complete the challenges or task that you have set up for yourself. The energy to support positive forward movement is here! The big message this week is allow others to be themselves, and focus on yourself.

Here are the highlights —  Last week the planet Venus was retrograding on top of the sun while the earth’s energy expanded into the seventh, eighth, and ninth dimensions. The movement of Venus is especially noteworthy since it is only every 18 months that Venus passes the sun going backwards. Venus passed between the Earth and sun on March 25 to transition from the evening to the morning sky. This role reversal ~ if you will ~ will play a large part in the way we feel about ourselves.

What does that mean? It means that the energy is lifting us up to where we have set our intentions over the last several weeks and months.You may notice a more inward focus, a feeling of setting yourself free from past haunts, missteps, and self doubt.

Here is the technical scoop: There has been a shift in the dimensions. The shift exist between the first and ninth dimensions. The first dimension can be described as two points that are connected by a line. This gives the dimension length, but no depth or width: along the line there an infinite number of points. Temporally, it represents the Future. This is the beginning point for whole numbers, both positive and negative. It is from these numbers that your life choices are created.

It is interesting to note that the shift doesn’t go back to zero point which is pure awareness. The first dimension is the home of the whole number or integer. The first dimension is the line that contains infinite numbers of points: temporally it represents the future. Temporal is worldly, or a 3-D concept, that currently allows for up to a 4-D concept and offers a hypercube to help us understand other dimensions in a 3-D world as opposed to spiritual concept which I hold to be more fluid at this point. Admittedly this is a new concept for me, and at present I am still formulating the correlation between the new dimensions that have opened for spiritual understanding, and if they relate to a more spacial understanding.  So for now I am going with my spiritual understanding which is that we now have access to a higher spiritual vibration. The alignment to these vibrations will allow you to expand your spiritual consciousness in new and different ways.

Recognizable elements of this shift:

  • Finding yourself feeling more at ease about your future
  • Feeling a renewed vigor to move forward
  • Becoming more at one with being loved by the Creator Source of All
  • A desire to allow old relationships to be in the past where they belong, and stop dragging them up to compare yourself to in the here and now
  • A bigger urge to take steps toward a healthier physical presents
  • Seeking to become more spiritual
  • Allowing more love into your life

Things you might see in your daily life

  • Negotiation of sleep periods, more some days and less others
  • Lucid dreams that make sense about situations you are resolving in order to move forward
  • A desire to release conflict, and embrace peace
  • Seeing things more clearly that you ever have
  • A restoration of your conviction to be at one with SPIRIT / GOD
  • A solid movement to implement long and short term goals
  • Daily task achievement ~ Feeling good about how to structure your daily task and follow through

Next Steps: This is a simple one ~ move forward. Focus on yourself, and get moving. Let go of the past. If you have embraced past hurts that have kept you from fully moving forward in your future ~LET GO! The people, events, or situations that hurt you in the past are a memory: resolve the hurt within, give the resentment / fear / doubt / guilt / intolerance over to God / SPIRIT / Source.


Big Hug!



Deanna Gloyd is an Metaphysician, Intuitive, and Master Dowser. She connects with God / SPIRIT and to the Akashic records to facilitate energetic shifts and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 6,000 clients in personal one to one sessions. To book your private session click here nowSession are conducted via phone, Skype, or in Denver, CO at For Heaven’s Sake Books.

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The fine print: Actual results may vary. Tools of Energy Protection does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technology as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental, emotional, or medical problems by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Tools of Energy Protection’s intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help the reader in their quest for spiritual growth, and a general state of well-being.

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