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Energy Shift Update: June 20- June 26, 2017 Wake up and Embrace your Spiritual Self!

Wake up and Embrace your Spiritual Self!

Hello Everyone!

What’s happening: It is time to step forward and Embrace your Spiritual Self!

Here are the highlights: There has been a huge sure of supportive and loving energy frequencies available to us over the last few weeks. It is time for you to step forward and embrace your spiritual self. Know that you are loved and you do make a difference. Now you may say to me, “Deanna, I am but one person, how can I make a difference?”

If your wondering how make the difference and shift away from the fear that is currently being sent out by the lower vibration . . .

. . .this weeks Tools of Energy Protection message is for you. Watch it now:

So  know that you can, and you do make a difference in the world every time you acknowledge that you are love, you are loved, and that you can send love out into the universe around you ~ you make a difference.


Next Steps: It is time to embody the divine tool that you have that has been given to you!

If I can be so bold, it is time for you to protect your personal energy. It is time to take a look inside. It is time to embody divine loving light.

If you would like to work with me personally  Grab your spot now by clicking here.

What does working with Deanna include?:

  • A complete focus on your personal energy blocks
  • A deep dive to unlock and discover where your personal power is
  • Detailed steps on how to take action and eliminate fear
  • Action steps to clear your inner game and keep your energy moving forward in a positive flow
  • Get your questions answered on your personal spiritual team and how they work with you.
  • Options include: Phone, Face time, For Heaven’s Sake Books, or Office in Loveland, CO. Grab your spot now by clicking here.

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Big hug!


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