Day Eight: 40 days to a Happy and Abundant New Year









Special Invitation: I invite you to join me here at for the next 40 days to set your intent, build your momentum, and arrive in 2018 fully empowered to live your best year ever!

There have been so many dynamic shifts over the last several months that have empowered us to create a more authentic fully integrated self that is powerfully connected to the Divine.

Each day we will build momentum to your desired outcome by incorporating a small step toward embracing your heart centered authentic self, and align you with your inner compass as we count down to the New Year.

Day 8

Yesterday we looked at all of the excused and limiting thought patterns that keep us from being happy and abundant. Simply put these thoughts are an illusion, and convincingly a strong.

So why are they so strong? Thoughts are energy that has taken shape over years. Thoughts can be created, suggested, or fed to us by outside influences. Thoughts may be simple, but once rooted in our subconscious become lodged in our behavioral patterns.

What? Let’s say that you work very hard to make more money, but every time you make more money, or get a bonus at work, something goes wrong in your life and the surplus money becomes suddenly drained. Initially you may shrug it off and say, ” Well, life happens.”

The truth is that everything is energy. Our thoughts are energy. If we believe that we can never get ahead, make enough money, or that finances are always a struggle – then that is what we will experience. The Universe is based on magnetic frequency. So what you transmit in the form of thoughts, you receive back.

Thought patterns come from our upbringing, and play out in our adult lives without our conscious awareness. Today’s exercise is to think about your beliefs around money, health, or relationships. Do you remember hearing “there is not enough money” when you grew up? Did you hear negative things about relationships growing up? Write down a few of your beliefs, or words you remember hearing over and over as a child. Consider the patterns.

The energy held by these patterns can be released from your energy field through the power of SPIRIT. In our one to one session, I will help you identify the energies that are blocking you from going forward, remove them from your personal energy field, and give you easy steps toward creating the life you were meant to live.



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Friday, December 1
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