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Energy Shift Update: December 27 – December 29, 2017 Personal Integrity!

Personal Integrity!

What’s happening: This week is a huge energy surge on being whole and complete with yourself by letting go of old belief systems. This can be a little tricky.

What does that mean? Aligning yourself with the true essence of your divine nature and your divine self. God / SPIRIT created you to be whole and abundant. The only way to do that is to be aligned with that creation. During your life you have been programmed with many belief systems that help you navigate the world that you live in. These belief systems have kept you safe in the past, but no longer support your evolving abundant self.

Recognizable elements of this shift:

  • Knowing that there is a definite energy stirring about
  • Seeing a direct correlation between your thought and what is being created in your life (it’s really fast!)
  • Questioning your behaviors, your belief, and feeling confused as to how to manage these thoughts
  • Extreme amounts of anxiety in between your steps toward change.

This week buy yourself a journal and explore your thoughts in writing.

Big Hug to Everyone!

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Deanna Gloyd is an Metaphysician, Intuitive, and Master Dowser. She connects with God / SPIRIT and to the Akashic records to facilitate energetic shifts and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 6,000 clients in personal one to one sessions. To book your private session click here now. Session are conducted via phone, Skype, or in Denver, CO at For Heaven’s Sake Books.

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  1. Wow, thank you! Glad I watched this and read about the symptoms because today I was experiencing some extreme anxiety and paranoia. I was just going into the mode of reclaiming my true core power…

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