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Energy Shift Update: January 30- February 4, 2018 Super Moon, Blue Moon, and Lunar Eclipse . . OH MY!

Moon Power Cubed, Clean the Slate!

What’s happening: Lions and tigers and bears… Oh My! Super Moon, Blue Moon, and Lunar Eclipse . . OH MY! The moon’s orbit will come closer to the earth (perigee full moon) on the 31st of January in the full moon cycle creating a higher base resonate frequency. The cycle of the moon completes in 29 days. When this cycle is viewed within the modern Gregorian calendar, it creates more than one full moon in certain months of the year. When two full moons fall within a month is it refered to as a blue moon. A lunar eclipse happens when the sun, earth, and moon align is such a way that a shadow is cast on the moon. Taking this into consideration, we can understand way it is that we may “feel” a bit differently than we otherwise would. In essence the power source for the moon will be disrupted briefly shifting it’s ability to maintain full power.

What does that mean? 

The basics: the human body is composed of elements of salt, water, and electrical impulses. The ocean contains water, salt, and electrical impulses. The moon’s gravitational force pulls the oceans waters towards itself creating bulges on both sides of the planet. Basically the gravitational pull is strong and shifts the elements of water, salt, and electric. To achieve this magnetic polarity, the moon requires a source of energy, the sun. When there is an interuption in the energy source the polarity changes and the magnitization lessons.

With these three frequency changes happening now our consciousness is being awakened toward a reset in relationships.

Recognizable elements of this shift:

Relationship with Self

  • A deep questioning of who you allow in your life right now and why
  • Movement toward a relationship that offers new levels of emotional closeness
  • An emotional house cleaning / clearing – do not be surprised if
  • Vivid dreams working with your childhood issues
  • Recognizing your childlike qualities that manifest joy in your life

Relationship with Job

  • Mental job clarity and a desire to move forward
  • Feeling your desire it to realign your job duties with your heart
  • Being aware of an end to a relationship in the work place

Relationship with Health

  • Acute awareness of overall health and the desire to upscale maintenance
  • Sinus issues, viruses, and fatigue are prevalent
  • Spinal shifts and feeling of heaviness

Next steps?  Align yourself with your inner voice, ask God / SPIRIT to help you, and move forward.


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Big Hug to Everyone!




Deanna Gloyd is an Metaphysician, Intuitive, and Master Dowser. She connects with God / SPIRIT and to the Akashic records to facilitate energetic shifts and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 6,000 clients in personal one to one sessions. To book your private session click here now. Session are conducted via phone, Skype, or in Denver, CO at For Heaven’s Sake Books.

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