Month: February 2018

Energy Shift Update: February 20-26, 2018 Shadow Self Secrets

Shadow Self Secrets and the how to evolve your personal boundaries. What’s happening: We are being asked to push our personal inner boundaries and examine the shadow self that was passed through to us generationally. It’s time to examine and release those hexes and curses…

Energy Shift Update: February 14-20, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse: Examine your Shadow Self

Partial Solar Eclipse: Examine your Shadow Self. What’s happening: Our shadow self-examination is in full swing! A partial solar eclipse is happening on February 15, 2018 swiftly shifting the energy frequencies to fine tune what has been holding us back. An eclipse is a shadow…

Energy Shift Update: February 4 – 13, 2018 Feelings of unpredictability, super flu, and dissolving being stuck

Feelings of Unpredictability, super flu, and dissolving being stuck! What’s happening: The energies are supporting a shift within ourselves to examine our beliefs about why we do what we do. You could call this an examination of our shadow self. There is unpredicability about these energies…

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