Energy Shift Update: February 14-20, 2018 Partial Solar Eclipse: Examine your Shadow Self

Partial Solar Eclipse: Examine your Shadow Self.

What’s happening: Our shadow self-examination is in full swing! A partial solar eclipse is happening on February 15, 2018 swiftly shifting the energy frequencies to fine tune what has been holding us back. An eclipse is a shadow – or produces a shadow, a blocking of the light. Our true inner light is being called to shine brighter than ever before, and in order to do that we must examine and remove what is blocking us from doing so.

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What does that mean? In August of last year our spirits we renewed, our divine self’s elevated. It is time for the next phase which means that old energies must be shed or put away. Think about all the “fears” that have been holding you back from embracing a healthier life.

Have you been afraid that you will not receive a new or better job? Put away that kind of thinking and give thanks for that job everyday! See it in your mind’s eye, visualize yourself getting up in the morning, getting ready, and arriving at that new position.

Have you noticed that you are fatigued? Allow yourself to review your daily habits. What am I eating, drinking, or putting into my body? How do I treat bed time? Do I look forward to relaxing, or fall into bed exhausted?

Next steps? Identify what fears you are holding in your mind and heart currently that create a shadow on your ability to move forward.

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Big Hug to Everyone!




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