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Terrific Tuesday! This Week’s Topic: How to thrive as a highly sensitive person?

I am super excited for Terrific Tuesday this week on Facebook Live!

Do you feel like the world is an overwhelming place full of energy that bombards you at every turn?

Have you experienced a large amount of fatigue, and felt like others are draining you? I used to feel like that.

At one time I found the world a very unwelcoming place filled with people who just wanted to plug-in, drain my energy, and leave me to recover on my own.

Without awareness, sometimes I felt like my special gifts from God were a not really a gift at all . .. but a burden. Do you feel that way too?

On Tuesday, May 1st, I am going to share some of my journey; as well as, first steps on how you can begin to thrive as a highly sensitive person on a daily basis!

It’s  happening this Tuesday, May 1st on my Facebook page at 7:30 p.m. Mountain time.

Set yourself a reminder to join me at that time now, and I will see you then. You will be able to view the Facebook live on the top of my page. Hop on over to the Facebook

page now and click “follow” at the top. Your cell phone will tell you when we go live and navigate you directly to the page (be sure your phone is set for Facebook notifications).

Would you help me spread the word? If there is some you know who could benefit from our time together? Please share the link with them.  Here it is.

See you then,


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