It’s Terrific Tuesday ~ Does your child have night terrors?

I have a Terrific Tuesday planned for this week on Facebook Live!

It’s Terrific Tuesday and tonight we are talking about spiritually aware children.

Does your child see monsters at night? If So, do they tell you about it? Are they scared, and you are at a loss on how to protect them? Or what to say to them?

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, as a parent your desire it to make everything okay for your children. And when it is something unseen it can be a little scary. . . even for the grown ups!

Do they have a “special friend” they seem to have conversations with? And they insist it’s not make believe?

Does your child have night terrors? Many experts tell us our children will outgrow these kinds of dreams. My question is: why must we wait? Isn’t there something we can do now?

There is no need to feel powerless! Tonight we will talk about ways to empower them, and I will share techniques on how to understand what they may be facing.

Share this with a parents or friend who is facing this. See you at 7:30 pm mountain time right here on my page. Click here now to connect. Click follow on the page for an easy connect when we begin. Bring your questions and pen and paper.

It’s  happening today Tuesday on my Facebook page at 7:30 p.m. Mountain time.

To make sure your all set you can hop on over to my Facebook page now and click “follow” at the top of the page. Your cell phone will receive a notice when we are live (be sure your phone is set for Facebook notifications).

See you then,


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