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Terrific Tuesday Recap ~ Does your child have night terrors?

Here is the recap for Terrific Tuesday ~ Does your child have night terrors? What can you do right now?

Does your child see monsters at night? If So, do they tell you about it? Are they scared, and you are at a loss on how to protect them? Or what to say to them?

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, as a parent your desire it to make everything okay for your children. And when it is something unseen it can be a little scary. . . even for the grown ups!

Do they have a “special friend” they seem to have conversations with? And they insist it’s not make believe?

Does your child have night terrors? Many experts tell us our children will outgrow these kinds of dreams. My question is: why must we wait? Isn’t there something we can do now?

In this weeks video I share some tools to help you empower your children, and find some answers.

If the techniques presented in the video this week are not working for you, or your child, there energies that can be cleared from your home, and your family. I have seen this many time and it is amazing what happens when discordant energies are cleared from the home.

Let’s get you started right away by clicking here. I will see you soon. You can also send me a personal message with your concerns.

Big Hug!


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