Terrific Tuesday! This Week’s Topic: What is Spiritual Freedom? Are you talking with God?

Recap: Terrific Tuesday this week on Facebook Live: What is Spiritual Freedom? Are you talking with God?

Are you having a one way conversation with God? Do you feel like you pray and pray, and never hear an answer back?

What are some of the ways in which God speaks to us? I share one of the ways in which God speaks with me in this weeks video. And this is a first time reveal . .

What are some of the ways that God speaks to you? Have you experienced a dream, or something else?

I will be at For Heaven Sake’s Books in Denver Thursday July 5th from 11 AM to 5 PM in person to help you sort things out if your unclear or stuck about the dreams you have experienced. Here is the phone number 303-964-9339 to preset your time. See you soon!

Next Tuesday we are talking about self love, why certain people appear in your life over and over to seemingly hurt you, and why does it bother you so much.

It’s  happening this Tuesday, July 10th on my Facebook page at 7:30 p.m. Mountain time.

Set yourself a reminder to join me at that time now, and I will see you then. You will be able to view the Facebook live on the top of my page. Hop on over to the Facebook page now and click “follow” at the top. Your cell phone will tell you when we go live and navigate you directly to the page (be sure your phone is set for Facebook notifications).

Would you help me spread the word? If there is some you know who could benefit from our time together? Please share the link with them.  Here it is.

See you then,


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