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Energy Shift Update: July 10 – July 16, 2018 Raising the Consciousness Level






Raising the Consciousness Level!

Hello Everyone! This latest shift is packed full of much excitement and information so take a deep breath and let’s get started!

The biggest question I am getting this week is: “What is going on?!”

Here are the highlights ~The resonance frequency of earths magnetic ley lines are raising the energetic frequency and clearing blockages to the life force of your energy field. The frequencies are serving as simple harmonic oscillator powered by the completion of the planetary shifts into retrograde.   The resulting energy is a huge surge toward powerful opportunities involving self-love and empowerment ~outstanding!

What does that mean?

Here is the technical scoop: The physical body is comprised of water, salt, and electric. These elements are susceptible to the shifts of electromagnetic frequencies.

Think of it this way, one of the forms of electromagnetic frequencies is a radio wave. If you have the receiver tuned to the frequency you desire to receive and hear ~ you will consciously pick up that channel and be able to receive news, music, etc. Your physical body is a giant receiver of energetic waves. If you have it tuned to pick up positive energy and messages, you will attract and focus on positive thoughts and experiences. The opposite is also true.

Right now the Universe is experiencing small periodic magnetic pulses due to the planetary alignments.  You may be feeling the oscillation between where your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are now, and where you see yourself being.

What you may be experiencing right now:

  • Periods of deep fatigue and requiring a lot of rest, and longer sleep periods
  • More clearly seeing past behavioral patterns and realizing they are not for you
  • Body aches and pains more prevalent than usual
  • Intense feeling of challenging emotions
  • Feeling your energy is being misdirected
  • Looking at opportunities as a burden rather than something to move ourselves forward

How do you move forward?  It is time to make some decisions about your life, and decide where it is best to invest your time. Set some boundaries around your personal energetic space and move forward with developing your self-love and your connection with God / SPIRIT.

Big Hug!


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