Energy Shift Update: July 24 – July 30, 2018 Stop the World ~ do you want to get off?!

Stop the World ~ do you want to get off?!

Woe-Wee! Can you feel it now?! The ups! The Downs. Emotional outburst and upheavals. The calm before the storm, and then the storm.The aftermath!  Bazinga!









What does that mean? For those of you who are new to the energy shifts ~ and there are quite a few who have reached out to me ~ welcome! There will be times that you feel none of the symptoms of the energy shift, and times when you wonder what is going on, and times where you get so confused and fed up that you say:”Stop the world I want to get off!” Well, if that is you ~ big hug and thank you for joining me and the rest of the tools of energy protection gang her as we discover what the next big curve is that is going to take us to new levels of growth.

So what does growth look like? As the energy on the earth shifts it provides us a catalyst to move forward along our divine path. God knew that if we were not provided with opportunities to grow, and a little kick in the pants to get on with it, we would remain stuck in the same old place.

This weeks Terrific Tuesday video recaps some of the highlights for the last week of shifts and shares some insights on how to stay in the know.

The bottom line for these current energies are that it is time to let go and more forward in your life, move forward into your divine purpose and leave all the old programming, the old habits, and the outdated ways of thinking behind. If you have recently lost something – get up and go seek out something new! Create the world that you seek to be a part of! Stop whining ,stop complaining, and take bold action!

If you are at the point of frustration and feel like giving up, and know that you have to keep going let’s get together and take a little pressure off. Click here to select our time together. 

What you may be experiencing right now:

  • Periods of deep fatigue and requiring a lot of rest, and longer sleep periods
  • More clearly seeing past behavioral patterns and realizing they are not for you
  • Body aches and pains more prevalent than usual
  • Intense feeling of challenging emotions
  • Feeling your energy is being misdirected
  • Looking at opportunities as a burden rather than something to move ourselves forward
  • Feeling a deep shaking sensation inside, like something is about to break

How do you move forward?  It is time to make some decisions about your life, and decide where it is best to invest your time. Set some boundaries around your personal energetic space and move forward with developing your self-love and your connection with God / SPIRIT.

Big Hug!


P.S. One of the fastest ways to manifest the emotional and energetic freedom that you have been seeking in your life is waiting for you right around the corner. It truly is. It requires that you have a solid foundation and tools of energy protection. Do you have those? Perhaps you’re finally ready to get that handled? If so, reach out today by clicking here and filling out the simple form. I am here, ready to help!

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