Energy Shift Update: July 31 to August 6, 2018 New Opportunities to Love yourself !

New Opportunities to Love yourself unconditionally!

Up until now we have been receiving lessons from the divine with a mix of mental and emotional reasoning.
It is in this mix of mind and emotions that have given us opportunities to shape ourselves.
Sometime we have used reason to navigate our experiences, and other times we have given way to passionate expression.
The later has landed us in trouble when it would have been better to take a breath and walk away.
The current flux of energy is providing a foundation for us to look at new possibilities based on faith and love. It is an inward deep love of self. And for those of us who have had challenges in loving ourselves, or even knowing how, this is a particularly difficult time.
New opportunities are being brought to you by God/ SPIRIT. Be open to doing new things where the old ways have failed. Open your heart, and listen. Logical mental thinking is not working right now.
It takes courage to accept the help. God is bringing the things and situations you desire. Trust!!! Move forward. Live from your heart!
There are habits and beliefs from our past that are in the very DNA in our physical body that can have a baring on the way we feel about ourselves in the here and now. Which beliefs in the video do you identify with?
If you are experiencing high anxiety or feel like the dryer sheet in a never ending dryer let’s get together and take a little pressure off. Click here to select our time together. 

What you may be experiencing right now:

  • Periods of deep fatigue and requiring a lot of rest, and longer sleep periods
  • High Levels of agitation
  • Body aches and pains more prevalent than usual
  • Intense feeling of challenging emotions
  • Deep resentment toward people or situations that are no longer in your day to day life.
  • Anxiety rushes and fits of crying for seemingly no reason
  • Feeling a deep shaking sensation inside, like something is about to break

How do you move forward?  See your life for what it really is. A blessing and a gift. Evaluate who is is time to let go from your life, and who to allow to help you. Set some boundaries around your personal energetic space and move forward with developing your self-love and your connection with God / SPIRIT.

Big Hug!


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