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Energy Shift Update: August 7 to August 13, 2018 Energy fluxing like a tennis ball in a dryer!

Energy fluxing like a tennis ball in a dryer!

 Retrograde planets and upcoming eclipse!

Hello Everyone! This is not the time for me to be sweet, formal, and huggie! This the time for truth, this is the time to pull out the stops, and ditch the negative beliefs about yourself. The time is now to center and balance within!
There are a few exercises that can help you get out of your own way and remove the frustration, anxiety, and fatigue you are feeling right now. Get pen and paper before you click play on the video. A few of these techniques could be exactly what you need.

There is a time coming very soon where the energy of this planet will shift and the world scene will change very quickly. If you are not centered and balanced it will be easier to knock you off your center.

What you may be experiencing right now:

  • High levels of anxiety, and frustration
  • General lack of energy
  • different nutritional requirements
  • Huge relationship realignments
  • Negative messages running in your head about self image

Big Hug!


P.S. If you are experiencing high anxiety or feel like a tennis ball in a never ending dryer let’s get together and take a little pressure off. Click here to select our time together. 

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