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Energy Shift Update: August 28 to September 3, 2018 Deep Inner Issues!

Deep Inner Issues!

 Full Moon ramping us up with energy!

Hello Everyone!
This is the deep stuff coming up from within to be honored and nurtured. What? Many of us spend our lives trying to “recover” from events, traumas, and tragedies that life has dealt us over the years. We yearn to give our inner child a voice to be heard but silence ourselves because of beliefs, perceptions, or judgments about what is and what is not acceptable behavior.
What are some of the key factors in recognizing and welcoming the transformation? Click this weeks short video to find out. Deanna also touches on how grieving deceased loved ones can affect us.

Some of the recognizable elements of the shift are: fatigue, restless sleep, weird dreams with familiar elements, desire to stay busy and achieve, less tolerant, and more aches and pains than normal. Stay hydrated!

Big Hugs,


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