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Energy Shift Update: September 25 to October 1, 2018 Is it the full moon or is it you?

I have got some relief for you today if you are prone to manic ups and downs that seem to correlate with the cycle of the moon . . .feeling like your anxiety is out of control and you feel powerless to control it, or your numbing out in attempts to control the pain you feel in “your odd person out” life story.

First of all, your are most definitely not alone.

In fact, I have invested the last twelve years validating and uplifting clients just like you. You see, you are most likely a highly sensitive person, or an empath, who has been beating themselves up because you didn’t understand how truly important you are to the health of the planet.  You have a special sense that requires unique training and atonement.

You see highly sensitive people  have a truly divine gift with immense potential. (Maybe you do too?)

Is so, in today’s video, I share a simple technique to help you adjust to sleeping more peacefully during the transition of a full moon. This will lessen the restlessness and help you to obtain a more peaceful rest. There is one easy step that you can do as you decease your anxiety. Watch it now:

The good news is that there are simple steps to move forward as an empath, or highly sensitive person, and be in 100% control of your life. 

It’s not allowing yourself to be swayed by the energy, instead to be in agreement with your own energy. Then moving toward the refilling of your energetic cup when the full moon comes around.

Feeling confident in who you are decreases the amount of anxiety you feel, enhances your perspective that everything is energy, and gives you exquisite freedom!

I invite you to take charge of your energy and supercharge your personal vibration. You are worth investing in yourself and learning more about tools of energy protection.

You were born special. You were born unique. And that my dear one is to be celebrated!

So starting today embrace your magnificent self.  Let go of the idea that you are alone.

I am here when you are ready to get started.

Big Hug!


P.S. If you are ready to discover how to be 100% in control of your life and your energy  you can request a personal one to one consult here. We will map out a path toward more energetic freedom together and get you started feeling lighter right away.

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