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Energy Shift Update: Where are you directing your world?

Wake up everyone! It’s time to take a look at where your world is going!
The deep dark question is what are the desires that are in your heart? And what are the issues and challenges that you have been hiding in your heart that are blocking your true abundance and happiness?
Your physical body is reflective of the emotions that you have been storing in your heart for years. The emotions that you have been trying to ignore or keep stuffed down in that deep dark place.

The signs that it is time for you to let go of the old beliefs, feelings, or judgments are:
  • Feeling very restless
  • Feel like others are conspiring against you
  • Having extreme issues with not sleeping
  • Feel pressured to let go of old beliefs
This is the time to really dig deep and release the fear.
If you are challenged or confused, let’s get together for a personal one to one session.
See you then,

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