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Energy Shift Update:October 9 to 15,2018 Valuable Keys to Navigate Venus Retrograde

Hello Everyone!

I have a few questions for you. First, Take a deep breath, relax, and answer these question from your heart! It is getting in touch with your heart that is going to take you where you desire to be anyway, so let yourself go there now. 

The first answer that comes to your mind is generally the correct one. It comes from your heart. So listen carefully as you ask yourself these questions:

Are you feeling like the world is conspiring against you right now? 

Do you find yourself crying for no reason and every reason all at the same time?

Are you jittery and feel like your going silently bat poop crazy?

Do you have trouble going to bed, getting into a deep sleep, or awaken at 3 A.M.?

If you answered yes, and I am sure that you did, it means that you are a highly sensitive person who is experiencing the latest energy shifts that are coming from the placement of Venus and the moon in the solar system.

So what does that mean? These are not unusual feelings, your human body is merely responding to the its environment.

Here is the technical scoop: Each planet in our solar system interacts with the magnetism of our planet. The earth’s heartbeat, also known as  Schumann Resonance, creates a magnetic pulse that interacts with our human bio electromagnetism which stimulates our minds and emotions. Phew, that’s a mouthful!

Today, I would like to invite you to invest some time in yourself, watch the video, and think about what is happening in your own life. I know it is a little longer than I normal,  but I felt guided to share a little more time with you sharing valuable keys to navigate Venus retrograde. It will be happening for a total of 40 days, so you can see the importance of taking your time and getting things straight.

Digging deep into our shadow self can create life-changing decisions.

Are you ready to dig deep and find out what emotions are keeping you from experiencing the love of your life? What emotions have been leading to weight gain? If your career is the correct one for you right now?

And what if you could dump a large part of the energies that are coming up right now, leaving you with only the main root of what is keep you from truly relaxing and stepping forward into a more balanced life? Would you do it?

Would you be willing to put uncertainty to the side, and explore your own next steps?

Click here to embrace powerful energy clearing. Let this be your defining moment, and I will see you soon. It’s okay if you can’t make it to Denver, we can still connect face to face with Zoom.

Remember it’s up to you how you ride these next thirty-seven days. I am inviting you to pick up a few of the keys by watching this video I made for you.

And if you still feel challenged, I am right here for you. We will clear the blocking energies, and get you on your way to feeling more balanced.

Big Hugs!


P.S. There is someone you know who is experiencing the exact same thing you are, go ahead and share this with them so they can get started right away.

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