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Energy Shift Update: October 23 to Oct 29, 2018 Safe boundaries during Venus Retrograde.

Today, I’m reaching out to the very skilled empaths with a video that may literally change everything for you during Venus Retrograde.

I’m speaking to you if you are someone who feels energy so deeply, and is a little unsure about  “asking for help” with setting safe boundaries in your relationships.

After all in order to reach out for help, empaths must feel there is a safeness, an acceptance, and valuable energy exchange especially during an energy shift that centers around relationships. Are you feeling that way too?

As an empath, it’s the isolation that comes with the idea that you should be able to figure it out on your own.

I know how you feel, because I used to feel the same way too!

You and I have reached out for help before and have experienced additional energy diminishment. Somehow in asking for help we experienced additional energy depletion in already unsteady energetic state. 

But here’s what I know now, from the vantage point of where I am standing today and what I’ve been able to accomplish…

…none of us can do it alone.

In this week’s video, I want to share with you how I reconciled this within myself so that (hopefully) you can reach out for help too. This is an opportunity to define where you are in your current relationships, and exactly where you are requiring help. Before playing the video be willing to look at the truth about which relationships are not serving you. Watch now:

Asking for help is brave. Especially for empaths as they are likely to sponge up other peoples energy even when they are the ones in need of help.

Creating your relationship circle enables you to focus on accepting a safe and valuable energy exchange.

You were born with divine gifts and talents, and quite frankly, you will thrive when you focus on receiving positive clearing energy.

I don’t know where the idea came from that we “should” be able to figure things out for ourselves, to magically be able  “know what we don’t know,” but it is a good idea to release that from your consciousness.

Especially for empaths.

We are already process so much that sometimes its challenging to know what energies are ours.

It’s why you tend to often be exhausted. It’s why you are chronically overwhelmed. It’s why you often feel so stressed out.

And, sadly, it’s holding you back in your relationships.

Hiring a skilled empathic energy worker who can show you exactly where to focus your attention in your relationships, and how to do it on the fast track will enhance your success to either transforming or releasing unsteady relationships. .

You don’t need to reinvent the energetic wheel. Instead, leverage what someone else has already figured out, and give yourself the ability to really kick thing into high gear.

Listen closely to this week’s message and be willing to ask yourself which energies in my relationships haven’t worked. 

If this serves you and helps you to release all the unwanted emotional energy, that’s great!

If it’s time to  hire a successful mentor you resonate with who has achieved the results you want to achieve, I give you permission to get the help you need.

Giving yourself this permission is an act of self-love and Venus will be proud of you! 😉

I am here for you,


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