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Energy Shift Update: Oct 30-Nov 5, 2018 Venus Retrograde we are 1/2 way through!3 ways to cut through emotional zingers!

Venus Retrograde we are 1/2 way through! Feeling the fear? 3 ways to cut through the emotional zingers!

It’s time to be real here – have you been dealing with anger, frustration, or fear over the last couple of days? I understand – not the top 10 words to get big hits and great reviews on your blog – but this is GO time, and time to cut the crap! The emotions are real, raw, and edgy!

So I am stepping a little out of character to share with you the raw, uncut, truth about where we are in the retrograde. First, note that the retrograde began October 5 and will end November 15, 2018. As the retrograde began our passions, objectivity, and deep seeded beliefs began to surface: beliefs so deep that we are not even aware of most of them [enter eyes rolling here ;-)].

As the energy shift mounted our darker self, or shadow self, began to surface. Imagine the areas where we experienced lack or pain so deep that it has become a secret part of ourselves; hidden, and yet silently draining our energy and passion for life!

Next, enter full moon, and think Romeo and Juliet Act 2, Scene 2, 33- 49. Juliet proposes to keep her lover if only he would shed his identity, to rid himself of who he truly was bound to be by his own fate (also known as the process of negotiation). With the full moon consorting with Venus Retrograde, we began to wrestle with ourselves, with our true nature, or was it really who we were born? To be captured inside a name, a family dynamic – left to play out a family curse?

I know this is strongly worded, but think, what family pattern are you, or have you repeated? Is this a legacy shadow that you can now choose to shift away from?

In this weeks video message, I share three simple steps to assist you in cutting through the emotional zingers. Watch it right now with pen and paper as it will be so helpful for you:

I know this is a lot to take in and process, especially if you are very sensitive. Let’s face it, for those of you who are sensitive you are feeling it, processing it, and picking up on the mass consciousness who are less aware and still dealing with it.

We are hovering over the halfway point and it’s time to take make a decision. If you are at a loss about how to processes this, or not sure what to do next, I am here to help. Click here to schedule our special time together.

See you soon!


P.S. Are you on the receiving end of some else’s challenges ~ then consider what the Universe is showing you. Is this a toxic relationship? And has that been a pattern for you in the past? Or at there deeper issue that has not surfaced for you yet?

P.P.S. I will be out and about in Denver, CO and in Loveland, CO, the details are right here on click on live events!


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