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Energy Shift Update: Nov 5- November 12, 2018 Venus Retrograde – HOME STRETCH!

Venus Retrograde – Home Stretch! 

This is the pop quiz!  Welcome to the home stretch of Venus Retrograde!  It’s time to take an inventory of your emotional state right now.

Admittedly it has been a long year and quite frankly, I am exhausted! In review of this year the energy shifts supported you in looking abundantly at relationships: relationships with ourselves, others, our beliefs, and our shadow selves.

In this weeks video there are tips on how to finish up strong, and why that’s important.  Watch part one now! Venus Retrograde created a technical difficulty . . .so there are two parts. 😉

Part Two

This is the time that you are choosing what you will be learning and working with emotionally over the next 10 years. That is not to say that you can not change later; however, it will be more challenging.

So why not choose now, dump what you can, make plans to shift the rest, and open up to the New Moon energy pouring in fresh energy? What if you could dump a large part of the energies that are dragging you down right now? What if walking forward suddenly became simple?

Are you ready to step forward into a more balanced life in a way that is honest and authentic? Shifting energy is highly practical and cuts down the drag on your acceleration.  Here is the next step. Click, book, and get ready to enjoy one to one time when I ask you to tell me about you. You will feel lighter as your energy comes into balance. Ready? Here is the link.

Take a big breath! There are only a few more days left in this retrograde.

Big Hugs,


P.S. As I mentioned in today’s video, I use to feel very alone when the energies shifted because I was not aware of what was happening on the planet. Would you share this information with someone you know who may not be. That would mean a lot to me . . . and them.


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