Energy Shift Update: Nov 13- November 19, 2018 Respect, Boundaries, and Craziness!

Respect, Boundaries, and Craziness!  

In the last couple of days of Venus retrograde we are preparing to make our entrance back on the stage. Like an actress who is touching up the makeup before her grande entrance, Venus Retrograde is asking us who we are now.

For the last thirty-seven days transformative energy has been rampant and demanding us to look closely at the sh*t that we have been dragging around in our lives.

So where are we now? In this weeks video we look at boundaries and the healthy aspect of being on both sides.

It is time to figure out your life and where you are going without being too crazy. There are a lot of choices out there in front of you now. Be careful what you choose to hang onto and what you choose to let go of. There could be regrets in both directions.

A healthy dose of personal boundaries will help you to navigate which is which. As you move forward respect your choices, and have grace with yourself.

The holiday’s are right around the corner, and there can be triggers for deep emotions to flair ups when we get around certain people. I have a service that helps people who struggle with challenging relationships with relatives that seem to have a special talent for pushing their buttons.  I specialize in helping them to remove the trigger and find a more calming and peaceful space within. That means they don’t have to endure emotional upset and family drama, and can truly engage in enjoying the festivities. Click here to get started. You will be glad you did!

Take a big breath!


P.S. IF you know someone who is struggling with the loss of a loved one this time of year, I have a special offer to help them work through what they are facing. Here is the link to the solution.


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