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Words of Wisdom for a Happy New Year ~ Day One

Join me on the express train to transform your energy and embrace the New Year with ease and grace over the next forty-four days! Each day we will take a little step, formulate a plan, and align your energy with your desire for 2019! Ready?

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Let’s begin with a deep cleansing breath. Inhale. Exhale. Again. Inhale. Exhale.

Now close your eyes and imagine what you really desired to accomplish or be this year that somehow didn’t happen.

Okay, now choose a word that matches that desire. Examples: Abundant, aligned, balance, complete, consistent, creative, educated, enlightened, happy, healthy, joyful, laser-focused, loving, mindful, passionate, peaceful, strong, truthful, unstoppable, vibrant, whole.

Write the word or words in a journal. Yes, that means pen, pencil, paper.

That was the first step. Pretty easy right? Bookmark this page, invite a few friends, and I will see you tomorrow!

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