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Words of Wisdom for a Happy New Year ~ Day Two

Join me on the express train to transform your energy and embrace the New Year with ease and grace over the next forty-four days! Each day we will take a little step, formulate a plan, and align your energy with your desire for 2019! Ready?

Welcome back!

Yesterday you chose a word to match your desires for your future. Words such as: Abundant, aligned, balance, complete, consistent, creative, educated, enlightened, happy, healthy, joyful, laser-focused, loving, mindful, passionate, peaceful, strong, truthful, unstoppable, vibrant, and whole, are instrumental in determining the direction your heart would like to go.

This combined with what is called an Archetype can help you to create the frame work for your journey. Archetypes are a set of universal patterns in human nature. More than one pattern can be present at the same time, but all must be in balance and harmony to help us shape and create our identity in the physical world.

The following are a list of archetypes.

Inner Child ~The urge to create, play, laugh, and test boundaries within the world.

Adult ~ A wise loving figure that engages their own Inner Child and also creates platonic relationships  with children, such as mother/daughter, father/ son.

Creator ~ The desire to create outcomes, complete projects, create opportunities to connect with others, themselves, and SPIRIT/ God.

Dreamer ~ A person who receives ideas through the dream state, or communicates with spiritual guidance, angels, or even God while dreaming.

Guide ~ The urge to direct others, or yearning to receive direction and life meaning from a spiritual connection.

Inquirer~ The inner drive to accumulate knowledge through learning, education, and experience. The ability to communicate well with others and convey ideas.

Perfectionist~ The compulsion toward tidiness and hygiene. The strong urge to achieve mental, emotional, physical, and/ or spiritual health.

Producer~A strong impulse to produce and acquire means of physical wealth (money, cars, homes) and self-worth (strong sense of personal achievement, self love, safe boundaries).

What archetype(s) resonated with you most. Write the archetype(s) in your journal, or use the notes app in your phone.

That was the second step. Tomorrow we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of each one. Click here for day three.

Bookmark this page, invite a few friends, and I will see you tomorrow! If you are just joining us, you can find yesterday’s step here.

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