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Words of Wisdom for a Happy New Year ~ Day Thirteen

Join me on the express train to transform your energy and embrace the New Year with ease and grace over the next forty-four days! Each day we will take a little step, formulate a plan, and align your energy with your desire for 2019! Ready?

Welcome to Empathic Empowerment!

Empaths and highly sensitive people are being called to make a dynamic impact in the future of the planet!  This calling is shifting us at such a high rate of speed that I will be shifting the focus of the wisdom toward your ascension.

Today you may be feeling very sad without any exterior “thing” to pin it on.  And no wonder there are 50 levels of spiritual consciousness that are being shifted today. So self-care is definitely in order. To help yourself pass through today either take a saltwater bath, or drink some instead. The main ingredient is sea salt for maximum effect.

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