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Words of Wisdom for a Happy New Year ~ Day Seventeen

Join me on the express train to transform your energy and embrace the New Year with ease and grace over the next forty-four days! Each day we will take a little step, formulate a plan, and align your energy with your desire for 2019! Ready?

Welcome to Empathic Empowerment!

Empaths and highly sensitive people are being called to make a dynamic impact in the future of the planet!  This calling is shifting us at such a high rate of speed that I will be shifting the focus of the wisdom toward your spiritual growth.

Checking in three days ago, layers of physical consciousness shifted 25 degrees creating a higher frequency that will hold for the next three days. Areas of our subconscious mind surrounding love and money shift our thinking toward future endeavors.

Today will feel up and down emotionally. Small intervals of feel good energy will intermingle with the lows: sometime it will fluctuate hourly. Take your time in making decisions and processing information as it comes; practice choosing when to engage in serious conversations.Keep it light if you can.

Recommendations for today.

  • Eating legumes and a long grain rice
  • Decrease in sugar intake up to 40%
  • Drink plenty of water (research for your body type and increments for optimal intake and well-being).
  • Rest in small increments
  • Practice rhythmic breathing
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes

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