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Words of Wisdom for a Happy New Year ~ Day Twenty Five through Day Twenty Eight

Join me on the express train to transform your energy and embrace the New Year with ease and grace over the next forty-four days! Each day we will take a little step, formulate a plan, and align your energy with your desire for 2019! Ready?

Welcome to Empathic Empowerment!

Empaths and highly sensitive people are being called to make a dynamic impact in the future of the planet!  This calling is shifting us at such a high rate of speed that I will be shifting the focus of the wisdom toward your spiritual growth.

Honestly, I did not drop out on you intentionally ~ the pace of the world has been very fast and I am running to stay up!

Where we will be for the next seven days is a combination of holding our own, and finding how we fit in with those in our immediate world. There will be an end to many relationships, cycles, prolonged events, and even some economic fluctuation.Universal law regulates the exchange of energy so we will also see new cycles, newly forming relationships, fresh event horizons, and economic snafu’s.

Bottom line. This is a time to stand steadfast in your relational vibration with God / SPIRIT / Source. Now is the time to be connected and unwavering.

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Recommendations for today:

  • Number sequences continue to appear in three, notice how many times a day, make a note of this
  • Align yourself with your true Divine self, find the peace within
  • Let go ~ no good can come from frustration

There is a huge upsurge of energy coming at the end of December. The world scene will also shift.

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