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Energy Shift Update December 18 to 24, 2018, It’s time for a break! Finally some good news!

Energy Shifts have been happening at a very high rate of speed during 2018. Planetary alignments that haven’t happened in thousands of years, decades, or even centuries have all come together to create the Light Age! This is a huge time of energy surges transmuting frequencies that have been scrambled in the past, and bringing the truth forward.

For almost the entire year the human element has been experiencing the elevation of vibration. On the world scene prolonged cycles are coming to an end, economic events are exchanging energy, and reordering how transactions are being handled.

The emotions of the world at large are very volatile, and attempting to find balance. Universal Law requires energy to both exchange and balance ~ both will happen.

What does that mean for your day to day life? How does the Holiday Season weight in? Watch the video now. Deanna share’s a few secrets to help you know how the Universe is send you a message about where you are now.

My lovely’s if you are feeling lost, or incomplete  select a time we can meet here.  Claim your spot for this Tuesday 12/18/2019 by calling call 303-964-9339 during regular business hours (US). You will truly be amazed how  much better you will feel.

A heads up that the new moon energy is balancing out and there is a general sense of relief. Numbers and series of numbers are lining up with messages about where you are along the spiritual path. Number string such as 1:11 or 343. Each set of numbers is a guide post to tell you how on point you are in your spiritual and emotional awareness and progress. If you are seeing patterns and are not sure what they mean click here to book a time to find out.  Or call 303-964-9339 during regular business hours (US). You will truly be amazed how you are being guided and what you are being guided toward your most perfect outcome in the new year.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive Folks be sure to tune in each day to the Words of Wisdom for a Happy New Year. Click here to get started.

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