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Energy Shift Update January 1 to January 7, 2019 Welcome to high extreme energy!

Welcome to the new high extreme energy! You are either feeling extremely high and energetically jazzed or very energetically off balance. This is some craziness in the world of energy connection, so here is what’s happening.

What is happening? The center of the solar system is aligned with the center of the galaxy allowing the full force of Universal vibration to connect directly into the 3rd dimension.

So what does that mean? It means that the dimensional frequencies that transform themselves to light, sound, and matter are at a high level of unrest.

Bottom line: If you have been working on your inner self, making a daily practice to connect with SPIRIT/God, and recognizing your connection with the Earth then you are open and receptive to the beauty of these energy connections.

Truly an amazing time to be present on earth!

Reported challenges:

  • Physical issues that have previously gone unnoticed flaring up
  • New physical aliments
  • Prolonged dizzy spells or feeling off balance
  • Your normal “go to’s” for healing and balance are not working
  • Mind and thoughts are all over the place
  • Emotional upheaval
  • Struggling for words
  • Unusual thought patterns
  • Feeling spiritually alone or cut off (gentle loving reminder ~ this is NOT true)
  • Physical thirst that can not be quenched (gentle suggestion ~ magnesium, or Himalayan salt)
  • Body desiring to sleep for longer periods of time (this is a reset mode)
  • Unusual dreams that can be remembered
  • Karma surfacing
  • Fear and doubt coupled with clarity and stability

This is a huge energy flux and it can seem overwhelming. I am working with as many folks as I can to help them upright themselves and steady the course. The path to this shift is fairly easy. Let’s get you started right away so you can embrace your new beginning. Click here to select a time. If you are unable to find a time slot that works with your schedule click here.

It is important to shift now, and stay on top of your daily energy balancing. You can always find daily updates are available here.


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